Inbal Jerusalem Hotel

The Inbal Jerusalem Hotel has placed a camera on the roof of the Executive Lounge which shows Jerusalem LIVE.
View Jersualem live

Inbal Jerusalem Hotel is a five star deluxe experience overlooking Jerusalem's Liberty Bell Park within
walking distance to the city's main cultural venues and the Old City.

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Carmel Forest

Nestled in the lush green forest, facing the deep blue sea, is the ideal place to relax, be pampered and rejuvenated.

Dead Sea Hotel and Spa

The unique geographical conditions of the lowest point on earth (413 meters below sea level) has a rare combination of natural resources and macro-climactic conditions unequalled anywhere in the world.

Royal Beach, Eilat

Look at the Red Sea from your elegant guest room and enjoy a vacation in Eilat in the pools, waterfalls or with a facial, message or beauty treatment.


  • Perfectly located on the banks of Sea of Galilee, Tiberias is an ideal location for those who wish to explore the northern part of Israel – the Golan Heights and the Upper Galilee region. The city itself has paramount importance to Jewish religion, and several hot springs are located nearby, as well as the baptism site, Yardenit.
  • Haifa, the northern capital of Israel, has much to offer: the museums, the beaches, the historical and religious sites - the hiking tracks!

  • Tel Aviv

    Tel Aviv is Israel’s most vibrant city, with an endless variety of services and entertainment open almost around the clock. We have a wide choice of Tel Aviv Hotels for you to choose from.

  • The Dead Sea

    The Dead Sea area has always been one of Israel’s premier vacation resorts and luxury spa venues. The Negev Desert offers exciting walking trails and many tourist sites!

  • Jerusalem

    There’s something magical and timeless about Jerusalem, a city with over 3000 years of history. A fascinating mosaic of the old and the new, the religious and the secular.

  • Eilat

    Thanks to almost constant sunshine, Eilat is Israel’s ‘fun city’ where local and international vacationers come to sample its many nautical delights. Ashkelon is a city is rich in nature sites, suitable for trips and tours: fascinating archeological findings, green parks and historical sites.

Lavi Kibbutz Hotel

  • Lavi hotel is located in the Lower Galilee, overlooking the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights amidst the flowers and the fields of Kibbutz Lavi. It is situated in the area allocated to the tribe of Naphtali on slopes which lead to Lake Kinneret, 313 metres above sea level - a ten minute drive from the neighboring city of Tiberias.

  • The Lavi Kibbutz Hotel provides ready made meals to factories and other institutions and sells prepared meals to many residents in the area.

  • The Jerusalem Talmud mentions the Lavi Inn. East of the remains one can see the Lubia Khan which was apparently built in the Mamalucean Period.

Mamilla Mall, Jerusalem

In the heart of Jerusalem, where old meets new, where ancient marvels meet modern icons, stands Alrov Mamilla Avenue. This stretch of beautiful architecture, that connects the old and new city, embodies the essence of modern day Jerusalem. Amongst the breathtaking

Amongst the breathtaking scenery, Alrov Mamilla Avenue offers an array of high-end fashion designer shops, cafes and restaurants, to give you a complete and unforgettable experience in the holy city. Come down to Alrov Mamilla Avenue, and enjoy a historical and modern experience.

New Shopping Experience Overlooking the Old City.