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  • Bar-Ilan, the second largest and fastest growing university in Israel, is centrally located on a major highway just outside Tel-Aviv. It is a short commute by car or public transportation from most population centers, and less than an hour from Jerusalem. The University is in the midst of a major campaign to attract the best minds to join its existing vibrant, collaborative community of nano-scientists.

    Bar-Ilan University is proud to publicize its new and very revolutionary science facility: the Leslie and Susan Gonda (Goldschmied) Nano-Technology Triplex. The triplex is composed of three distinct sections, interconnected at multiple levels. This building is an impressive tower of steel, stone and glass located in the center of a cluster of buildings housing the departments that make up BIU’s Faculty of Exact Sciences and Mina & Everard Goodman Faculty of Life Sciences. At the Triplex chemists, physicists, biologists, and engineers will meet each other as they ponder solutions to their research challenges. It’s no secret that some of the best ideas in scientific research come from seemingly unimportant discussions between researchers from vastly different disciplines. It is precisely this kind of creative energy that the Nano-Technology Triplex seeks to foster and empower. Containing over forty laboratories employing advanced technological design on a scale unparalleled to date, the Triplex will house the most advanced nano- research and development center in the world.

    Aiming to excel in research, in recent years Bar-Ilan University has placed major emphasis on expanding its research activities and advanced studies, by substantially increasing the number of research students via Presidential and other scholarships. The university has also developed unique interdisciplinary study programs and has intensified research and instruction in fields that are at the forefront of sciences, such as computational biology, biotechnology, nanotechnology and more. The 31,700 students registered at the university and its colleges, hailing from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds, study together harmoniously in classrooms, laboratories and libraries, and thus Bar-Ilan University contributes to tolerance and coexistence between religious and secular, and Arab and Jewish students.

Gonda Brain Research Center

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Overseas Student Programs

The Bar Ilan One Year Program is working in conjunction with The Israel Experience. This is a program for overseas students which is hybrid in nature, combining studies of Jewish heritage in the Jesselson Institute of Advanced Torah Studies, academic studies and exploration of the Land of Israel. For more information please click here: The University also offers graduate programs taught entirely in English. Click here for more information on the International MBA (IMBA) Program and the Creative Writing Program.